T-201: Summary

AU-Index: T-201
ΩUID: NMO/NV/UO/EZ/T-201/.../

Status: Conceptual Head
Vascular Sphere: Internode

Priority Index: Under Review
Status: Occupied
Focus: Research & Archival

Unique Notes: Connections are not stabilizing, rather they continue increasing, beginning to do so exponentially from timestamp [LOCALFORMAT: 34/35/3/6/3 20/0/22]. Viewing logs it seems that this is due, in part to a containment process of entities following a viral outbreak.

Current Connections:  

  • +21,983,428,969.008885 Active Estimate 
    • ~2638011476.2799997 – Charted
    • ~8573537297.91 – Active
    • ~9233040166.98 – Unknown (Still in Process)
    • ~1538840027.830000211 – Unavailable
  • 69,854,012 Inactive
    • ~29338685.042 – Ready
    • ~39816786.837999996 – Inoperable

Network Details:
Network of T-201 is heavy on encryption, most civilian/corporate, academic, non-profit, gov, & special interest as expected, however the network infrastructure is shared, thus resulting in redundant, overlapping authentication to protect from connections of bad faith.

This makes T-201 a ideal connection junction for any Type 9 project, but a difficult decryption & translation project. While this “ideal” connection leads to inaccurate data, often from the type 9s themselves. However, feedback metrics & historic trending metadata, which is available on the index, is enough to remove false positives. This increases the certainty of conclusions data to around 77%, however this provides a compounding effect for nodes reached from T-201. Thus, if we could find a way of reaching to any locked uncertain node, say FV-01, we can achieve a static, but stable, signal.

Network Agent Review:
High capacity for data extrapolation and problem solving, but lacking in cohesive focus & large scale long term planning. Not suited for processing, however a great connection for the other nodes it grants USKD access to.

Network Entity Review:
No exploratory projects known to public of T-201, however it is conceivable that off-network, local projects could be in the works, or already in place.  While external exploratory projects have been identified, but due to the high level of encryption, and lack of priority in this index, & unknown level of risk in any action, monitoring will be the extent of interaction until such a time that direct feedback is required by the USKD.


Simplified Origin Conditions: 7t9FJSiTchTiiQod-RVUgqMmYrEIr9G7H cMgqVciQyJavfLCh-LaNQuiXFtUmQRme

Time (Local Format):60/60/24/7/30{?}/12/10/10
Time Unit:  1Sec = 2.01 Yop

Admin Action: Unique Tag Added

  • Unique Tag Added Triggering the following actions automatically
  • Gov. Limits Increased
  • Multicore Project Tagged
  • Dedicate: (30.1%T / 5.1%Γ / 0%A )
    1. Decryption: 15% OF T
    2. Translation: 15% OF T
    3. Standard Indexer: .1 OF T
    4. External Project Monitor  (Query Type Ω-33): 2% OF Γ
    5. Internal Project Monitor (Query Type υ-43): 3% OF Γ
    6. Communications: 0% (Pending) OF A
    7. Retro-Cause Counter: 1% OF Γ
  1. Admin Action Prior History: October 19, 2018 – (1) ENTRY OF (1)
    Dedicate .4201% of T resources to this index FOR
    1. Decryption: .1120
    2. Translation: .2080
    3. Standard Indexer: .1
    4. External Project Monitor  (Query Type 3-9): .0001